Lady Rosetta Fire

Photographer and Photo Editor

Lady Rosetta has chosen to live the vampiric lifestyle, not to be confused with the vampiric condition although she has  that as well.

The vampiric lifestyle typically includes keeping  nocturnal hours, Victorian or refined attire, an affinity towards death and dying including a monolithic tombstone aesthetic, custom sculpted canines, and most of all a sang enhanced diet. 

Some of these she includes in her personal lifestyle conversely as she leaves some to collect dust, and so she writes this in blood for you, She is not sanguine but psi. She does not engage in sanguine drinking but is a practitioner of sangromancy.

Lady Rosetta chooses a refined appearance when she ventures out to join her brothers and sisters, usually clad in leather or velvet, fang prepped, and polished demeanor. Due to monetary necessities, she does have a daytripping job which limits her nocturnal hours during the week. However weekends allow "Lady R" to indulge in the simple pleasure of nighttime hours.

Selectively some of these lifestyle choices are carried over into her mundane life but most are left at home.  She has found the day world not sophisticated enough to understand her “after working hours” lifestyle. 


Lady Rosetta is based in central, Florida, but travels to the Tampa Bay area often.   E-mail Lady Rosetta for availability.